“Home for the Holidays” Will Again Get Drinking Drivers Home Safely

--Call 456-RIDE for complimentary designated driver service from December 19th through Jan 1st--

The Holidays always seem to really get into high gear about the time school lets out for the break, so the annual “Home for the Holidays” campaign kicks off Friday, December 19th and runs through January 1st. During those two weeks anyone can call 456-RIDE and two drivers from Designated Drivers Foundation will be dispatched to take them safely home, in their own car, compliments of UNLV’s Safe Community Partnership, through a grant from the Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety.

The goal of this program is to take away any excuse a drinking driver may have for getting behind the wheel of his car, such as: “I need my car in the morning for work so I can’t leave it behind and take a cab” or possibly “I brought people with me and I’m responsible for getting them home” or the most often used “I don’t have any money left…”

To call attention to the program in many local bars and taverns patrons will receive “flashing ice cubes” in their drinks. These specialty ice cubes flash red or blue, like police lights. Posters will read “Let These be the Only Flashing Lights You See Tonight.”

We had had a dramatic drop in drinking and driving fatalities in Clark County last year and our goal is zero alcohol related fatalities this year. The Safe Community Partnership is an outreach organization based in the Transportation Research Center in the Engineering College at UNLV, whose goal is to reduce the financial and emotional impact of traffic crashes. The Nevada Office of Traffic Safety supports the Home for the Holidays and the Safe Community Partnership through funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA.

As in the past, Designated Drivers is supplying the rides home, but this year they have their own Designated Driver Foundation that is working to garner donations to support the free rides home, which always go over the monies available for the rides home. Last year the Designated Driver Foundation had to raise an additional $18,000 to cover more than 800 rides home.

This year co-sponsors also include local law enforcement agencies and Buffalo Wild Wings.

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